Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"How to Lose A PILF Customer in 10 Days" by Wendy Yow Ellis

Prositute, Flynt keep the pressure on Vitter. [Times-Picayune]

Wendy Yow Ellis a/k/a "Leah" was hooking up with the hottest PILF there ever has been in the Pelican State until one day when she tried to take it to the next level, suggesting that maybe they take their relationship beyond the business and even divulged her real name! Like Wendy, many of us New Orleans women have been through similar situations - where we're just more interested than he is and we inevitably get attached. Then sometimes we might slip up and, well, tell him our real names - which, in a hooker's world, is WAY up there on the list of what NOT to do when dating someone. Fortunately for Vitter, he was able to peace out politely by simply by being shocked and horrified that the her real name was the same as that of his wife: Wendy. To Dave, that just wasn't cool.

Tuesday's press conference featured Larry Flynt and Wendy talking about their plans for letting the truth be told about Senator Vitter's extracurricular activities with Ellis, which lasted around of 5 months.

Also featured in the press conference were Larry Flynt's other plans to expose more of the seedy underside of Congress including plans to out "a closeted gay senator who he said consistently votes against gay rights."

[*AHEM* Lindsey Graham!]

But before you jump to conclusions about how Ellis is only going about these shenanigans for the $1 million Flynt offered earlier this year in a Washington Post ad looking for anyone willing to divulge illicit information about a government leader, not so fast! Ms. Ellis will not be receiving this award because Wendy wasn't the first to point out Vitter's indiscretions - she is simply doing what's right in telling America the truth about a senator most of the country hadn't heard of until the past few months. And it surely sucks a whole whole lot for one of ALTR's favorite PILFS.

Even though Wendy and Larry made alot of noise at the press conference, one thing rings loud and clear from the photos on Larry Flynt and Wendy Yow Ellis are definitely doing the Schiavo:

And before you call me a huge asshole for creating the picture, please reference UrbanDictionary, which is always right about everything, to see that there are other assholes just like me out there.

Keep doing the Schiavo, Wendy, and the whole country will talk about your for no good reason at all.

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