Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday before bed...

Yeah, I've been missing in action for a little while. Sometimes work happens, boys happen, and then tonsilitis happens. Awesome. Most importantly, though, my sex business got busted and now I have to find a new way to peddle myself on craigslist. In the meantime, I'm planning to peep this guy on the City Park Nature Trails.

The highlight for many this weekend was the LSU-Tulane game, where the Tigers stomped the Green Wave 34-9. Like anyone was surprised. Here are my very special LSU fan highlights:

  • a sea of purple and gold blocking the intersection of S. Peter and Canal, stopping all traffic
  • getting stuck behind a cab full of Tigers for two lights at the same intersection, on the other side of Canal, while some Mercedes driving d-bag tries to make a right on red when I've got green
  • receiving the finger somewhere along S. Peter from a purple and gold clad older gentleman as I was sitting at a stop light
  • getting stuck behind a cab at Esplanade and Frenchmen while some Tiger fans attempted to spill out
  • seeing the victorious Tiger fan vomiting all over his shoes and the restaurant across from Lucy's
  • a nice little car accident on Tchoupitoulas somewhere between Jackson and First, LSU stickers and all

All I could do was cheer "Way to go, LSU!" You make us all so proud.

DISCLAIMER: You don't have to tell me this is how locals feel about Tulane students. I understand.


jeffrey said...

Thank you for appending the disclaimer to the bottom of this post as it has encouraged me to now withhold several tales of similar Tulane student excellence you appear to be acknowledging there.

A Little to the Right said...

My dad might have been that older gentleman LSU fan that gave you the finger. Sorry!

Also - it was a very good game during the 1st half, but Tulane's game went down during the 3rd quarter for sure. Tulane was in the lead almost up until half time.

My LSU family was getting nervous. I even offered to let my brother-in-law put my green jacket on over his LSU polo at one point - he was seriously considering it!

jeffrey said...

It occurs to me that the "older gentleman" could have been my dad as well. So... you know... I apologize on behalf of the children of older gentlemen everywhere.