Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Local Politicking

As promised, we visit the issue of the Senate District 5. It was common knowledge that Irma Dixon (once upon a time ran against Congressman Jefferson for his District 2 seat as well as serving as a state rep, former Public Commissioner), Jalila Jefferson-Bullock (debatebly best known as Congressman Jefferson's daughter, currently State Rep. Dist. 91), Cheryl Gray (alleged lesbian lover of Karen Carter, current State Rep. Dist. 98), and David Williams (token white guy, recently converted Democrat, and former Fourth Circguit judge). Then on the final day to file, Andrew Gressett throws his hat into the ring as the lone Republican. The "perennial candidade" as The Gambit so fondly refers to him, ran and subsequently lost as a Democrat to Nancy Marshall (6% of the vote, baby!) for 6th District Assessor. To add fuel to the fire, he and his organization the Property Rights Commission sent out inflammatory mailings on Stacy Head.

Gressett sounds like a shit starter. Before declaring his candidacy, David Williams changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. He was the only white person and the only man running for the coveted Senate District 5 seat. Gressett, who formerly ran as a Democrat, registers as a Republican and files for the same seat. This won't hurt the plight of Dixon, Jefferson-Bullock, and Gray...but one must wonder who planted the seed in Mr. Gressett's mind. And dare we ask, what his compensation will be. It's not unheard of, you know, with a Jefferson involved.

In the House District 98 race, Neil Abramson has recently been the target of the LA GOP with their "Poor Neil" mailings and website. They allege that after Abramson was in a 1998 car accident, he tried to hit up the insurance company, in court, not once, not twice, but three times for a large sum of money. What's the deal, Neil?

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