Thursday, September 13, 2007

mmm, vodka

First there was the unveiling of Absolut New Orleans in July. Mmm, delicious. Now September brings us the new Stiletto Vodka, her debut scheduled for September 18 at an exclusive black-tie event at NOLA.

ALTL's train of thought:
1) Stiletto vodka, wtf? Can you just jump into the super-premium ring like that?
2) oh sweet, "Stiletto is the first woman-owned vodka company in the United States and one of the few woman-owned companies in the spirits industry."
3) know, this is fitting. We just saw the art exhibit of Claudia Lynch, exploring the experiences of stories that go along with her fancy heeled shoes in watercolor.
4) MUSES! These ladies start the parade off with the giant ever-changing color stiletto heel, throw out decorated shoes, and commemorate the event with their annual krewe beads - a high-heeled shoe of some sort. I wonder if these ladies who own Stiletto Vodka are members? What sort of exciting throws do we have to look forward to at Mardi Gras 2008?
5) And then..."I bet I can tell you where you got dem shoes." "I got them on my feet." But now you can fill your belly with them, too.

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