Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Senate District 5 update

The Senate District 5 race is shaping up to be a good one. You don't have the drama of the District 6 race that ALTR loves ohsomuch, but it'll be a close race nonetheless.

Previously I had mysteriously alluded to a lawsuit involving one of our state reps. At the time I didn't know the nature of the suit, but came to find out that Cheryl Gray's residency in the 5th District was being challenged (Gray area, anyone? ha!). The suit was subsequently withdrawn and everyone goes about their happy lives, though everyone knows it was the Jefferson crew who was behind it.

Some Came Running reminded me that there is a forum coming up October 9 featuring the 5th District Senate candidates. His/her source lists the five (Dixon, Jefferson, Gray, Williams and Gressett), but the Neighbors United site fails to mention Gressett as confirmed. Rumor has it he dropped out. Ol' boy didn't even last a month, but we knew he was only there to detract from others.

I've seen more and more Jalila Jefferson-Bullock signs popping up around my 'hood. Interestingly enough, as soon as they appear, they are gone. Are the signs simply being posted in people's yards without their consent? Are people stealing them? If thievery is the gig, then are they being stolen because someone else wants the sign for their own yard or because they are anti-Jefferson? Of the three signs on my block that appeared over night, the one that remains is in front of the most ghetto house of all. It's also on a tiny patch of dirt that no one can see because of the on-street parking.

For fun, see also: African-American turnout will be the Wildcard of 2007

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