Tuesday, October 9, 2007

lawyers are people, too...right?

Why is that when I attended the Justice For All Ball, I don't run into any attorneys that I know other than the ones I work for (although I did meet many of infamy, be it their own standing or based upon who they are married to), but when I am out on the town I run into them everywhere? Howlin' Wolf, Half Moon, Pat Benatar at the HoB, Parasol's, and other various places I stumble into on the weekends and week nights. Maybe it just says something about the character of ALTL or of the caliber of attorneys I deal with on a day-to-day basis.

While I am a little known member of the legal community (albeit more well known than your typical paralegal or legal assistant), I had fun at the Justice For All Ball. I was able to catch up on my New Orleans society gossip (basically who has impregnated who, who has dumped who, and who the old man is with the bad teeth), take advantage of an open bar, and meet the wives of the old white men I work for. If only the lawyers in my age bracket weren't attached at the hip to ladies much younger, hotter, and more pregnant than I.

On another note, Chef Dominique is such a society whore.

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jeffrey said...

Other Metallica albums that sound like good names for lawyer parties:

1) Load

2) Master of Puppets

and, of course,

3) Kill 'em all