Thursday, October 25, 2007

Post-primary stunts begin!

The best part about the Louisiana election schedule is that we have two chances to get it right. First the primary, then the general election - giving everyone (both the voters and the politicians) 2 chances to get it right. Eh, didn't vote the first time around? Don't worry, you'll get your chance in November! It's kind of similar to our attitude of "oh, this is just your first DUI?...No worries, my dad's BFF the District Attorney of X Parish will take care of it - just be more careful the next time you drink and drive."

Now it looks like Ag Commissioner Bob Odom - that guy whose name you see on the stickers of the fuel pump when you gas up your car and who is due to go up against Republican challenger Mike Stain in November's general election - may have some trick up his sleave. He has announced a press conference to commence at 2 today. Some suggest he may be withdrawing, but hopefully it will be something more exciting like an election contest or, at the very least, withdrawing while admitting to doing something really really bad like taking a bunch of money from the State or something. Because exciting things like that never happen in Louisiana. [WAFB, The Dead Pelican]

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