Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday surprise

This Sunday was full of surprises. The Saints won a game, and ALTR got a last-minute invite to the Parkway Partners "Feast With the Stars" Jazz Brunch at Gallier Hall. It's always nice to have connected friends i.e. ALTL to swing a spot at a table amongst various local celebrities that we'll later blog about. It was an excellent way to shed our hangovers from the previous night's festivities in celebration of ALTL's upcoming birthday.

The Head Pelican Girls sucked down mimosas & Bloody Marys, and enjoyed food from amazing restaurants all over town who served samples of various dishes (my favorite was the Leek & Shiitake Champagne Cream Soup from K-Paul's) while bidding on lots of exciting items in the silent auction.

A highlight of the morning was certainly ALTL's bidding war with Mr. Rob Couhig over the one-time use of a "Junkyard Hot Dog Cart" stand for an event. Sadly, neither my co-blogger nor the former mayoral candidate were the winners of the stand. ALTL wasn't quite so disappointed at not winning when she realized that the stand didn't even come staffed with studly young hot dog servers. Another highlight was seeing an elderly New Orleans society woman wearing a Chanel suit that probably costs more than ALTR makes in a year stuff 10+ chocolate chip cookies from the Cafe Reconcile table into her purse.

Among other strange hungover conversations between ALTL and ALTR at the event when we weren't surrounded by various VIPs at our table in the "Releaf New Orleans" room, we each observed Council-At-Large candidates Virginia Boulet and Jackie Clarkson, both in attendance at the event. Yours truly was surprised to find out that Virginia Boulet in fact white. Meanwhile, ALTL revealed that she had no idea Jackie Clarkson was the mother of actress Patricia Clarkson, and also confessed that she thought Jackie Clarkson was not white. And we call ourselves political bloggers! Surprises all around.

Now we're back at work after a fun weekend accompanied by the most beautiful weather the Big Easy has seen in a long time.

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