Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Let me see. Let me feel." brings us this phenomenal clip from The Alexyss Tylor show.

I'll forewarn you, this may NSFW based upon language and a dildo (which, remember, are illegal in Alamaba...technically, dangerblond reminds us).

I like how she is concerned with happening upon a penis that is too big. And that the dildo in hand 6.5 inches. And black. I've never seen a 6.5" black dick in my life.

Luckily Ms. Tylor exposed what is really going on outside the corner store by my house:

"And the man still ain't committed. Dick still damn open for - folks, standing on the damn corner just like you got them damn ??? can you put a penny in the cup. I work for food or can you give me a donation? Niggas stand on the corner with dey dick in dey hand or got it out the damn pants trying to give new recruits a piece of damn dick cause a lot of times they can't get no dick aaand no bubble gum cause they be fresh out of spearmint and they have juicy fruit. But they keep plenty of damn dick and keep the nuts fueled up and keep them filled up with high octane. They gettin' it up."

It's all about pussy integrity, ladies. Find a dick that likes you.

I guess that's hand-in-hand with bush confidence, which I first learned about watching The L Word. Where I also learned that my self confidence has largely to do with the perfectness of my nipples.

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