Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Council-at-Large forum

Yours truly attended the Council at Large forum last Thursday. It seems that most everyone has some sort of commentary on a candidate or candidates. While I think my comments will be worth little note, there are a couple of important things I think were missed:

  • Kaare Johnson's biggest contribution to the community: Well just the other day outside of his home on Julia Street a van flipped over and he helped pull the driver from the wreckage as everyone else just watched!
  • Cynthia Willard-Lewis never looked at the crowd. Her eyes were glued to the ceiling of Nunamker Auditorium during every one of her responses.
  • Lee Zurik's eyebrows aren't nearly the presence in person as they are on TV. I guess it's that whole the-camera-adds-ten-pounds thing.
  • Tommie Vassel slept with the entire Sewage and Water Board! And then proceeded to help them de-water the city in under the allotted time projected! Was it his super sperm? We will never know.
  • Unfortunately, the Appleton I've been sipping is making it difficult for me to locate the article Mama D mentioned about 376 times about herself. Anyone got it?

That's all I got for now. I'm such a cynic, I have a hard time paying attention to the real answers. I'm interested to know a little more about generic Tommy Lewis other than his lineage and family gossip. And I like Virginia Boulet. All four of her ex-husbands and all.

As an aside, why is it that just about anyone or anything is allowed to have a blog but neglect it to the nth degree? Myself may or may not be included. Talk about appeal.

If you missed the first one, the G Bitch Spot has a list of upcoming forums on October 11 and 16 with our favorite gaggle of folks vying for the Council-at-Large seat.


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