Monday, October 15, 2007

Senate District 5 Forum

About a week late, but ALTL and ALTR attended the Senate District Forum over at the Green Charter Middle School last Tuesday. More established bloggers, the likes of Adrastros and Some Came Running have already posted their reviews. I can't really elaborate, but, again, here are a couple of noteworthy tidbits:

  • ALTR couldn't get over the fact that Irma Dixon thinks she invented the internet. Who does she think she is, Al Gore?
  • Jalila Jefferson-Bullock is a speed talker. I mean, seriously, I had a hard time following most of what she said. But we were all sure to catch her saying she is so glad her child behaved himself.
  • Dude, Cheryl Gray is hot! And not married. Or at least she doesn't wear a ring. Hmmm.
  • David Williams is not a career politician.

I have to agree with the bloggers above that David Williams stood out and may be the best candidate for the job. However, maybe it's just my 'hood and commute to work, but I don't think that Jalila Jefferson-Bullock is winning the yard sign war. I see David Williams signs everywhere. The election on Saturday could prove interesting, as the votes might be split evenly between Gray and Jefferson, and to a lesser extent Dixon versus Williams. I just don't see a clear win the first time around, making what will probably be a Gray vs. Williams run off an intense and tight race. It's unlikely the Jefferson political machine will prevail. Gray is winning the endorsement battle, with support from the Alliance for Good Government and the much-coveted Times-Pic backing (amongst others). Gray is sharing the Gambit endorsement with Williams, who can also boast LABI, the Republicans of New Orleans (whatever their organization name really is) as well as local Democrat groups.

Saturday night will be an exciting one.


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