Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In some random, bizarre news...

Inmate freed after test finds powder isn't meth. No, folks, it was dehydrated cat urine, as the woman claimed from day one. wtf is anyone doing with dried cat urine? You can go a million days with that one..

Bobby Brown has a heart attack but then denies it. C'mon, Bobby, we all know your heart was fluttering from the combination of Viagra and crack.

George Gipp returned to the surface. Of win-one-for-the-gipper notoriety, Gipp's remains were exhumed for DNA testing. Nobody knows why. Maybe it wasn't strep throat and a bout with pneumonia that killed him. dun Dun DUN!

The Arkansas legislature feels there is no rush to fix a law that toddlers to get married. By simply forgetting a very important "not" in the text, politicians have now caused a lawsuit or two, since no one wants to actually follow the law.

A Christian clown was arrested on child pornography charges. Let's just point at the key words: Klutzo. Philippines. orphanage. House of Joy. As if the Alabama reverend weren't enough.

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