Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Masterpiece on Causeway Boulevard

While driving to a pre-work dermatologist's appointment this morning, I took the Causeway exit off of the Interstate to get onto Vets. In passing the John Georges for governor campaign headquarters, I glanced at the large billboard crowning the one-story building to see that someone had spray-painted the sign. Damn Metairie thugs.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that this was no ordinary spray-paint job. The culprit had in fact spray painted a Hitler moustache on the picture of Georges which adorned the sign. Due to almost peeing my pants over the sign, ALTR almost had a wreck before making it safely to the doctor's office.

Originally I planned to meet ALTL after work for a Georges-Hitler photo session, but a phone call around 3 pm to the Team Georges headquarters informed me that the sign had been replaced earlier that afternoon. The Head Pelican Girls should make it a priority to always have a camera on-hand for sightings like this one. When I called the Goerges headquarters, a young volunteer informed me that the incident had happened at some point over the weekend and that Team Georges decided the perpetraitor had some serious balls - she had no idea who the culprit had been. Damn - I really wanted her to tell me that Bobby Jindal had done it. Since I wasn't able to capture the true-life glory of this grafitti work, I have recreated it for you here:

For other John Georges humor, please reference the LA GOP's gem Georges Gone Wild - shirtless & shameless!

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